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About us

At FCS Finland Oy, we believe airplanes are built to fly and not sit on the ground. We are committed to design and build devices and equipment to minimize the maintenance downtime.


Our products are built using the best components and materials available to ensure reliability and quality of the highest standard.


FCS Finland is located in Turku, Finland, where also our manufacturing and assembly happens.

Our products


Our patented product is AFC-22, that is a professional cooling system for aircraft engines. AFC-22 uses non-mechanical vacuum based system for engine attachment and cools down the engine in fraction of the time typically needed. Custom fit nozzles are available for different engine types. AFC-22 enables fast and efficient engine maintenance for our customers and minimizes the aircraft downtime.


AFC-23 Hybrid pushes the infrastructure limits away. Compared to AFC-22, it can be also used without an external power. It has an integrated generator powered by a petrol driven engine. As an alternative method also, an external power can be used. AFC-23 Hybrid was designed based on the feedback given by our customers. In addition to its integrated generator, it has a sturdier undercarriage, improved tow capabilities, and a slimline profile. Now jet engine cooling can be easily performed either at apron or in hangar.

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Custom fit

The nozzles are always custom fit for the specific engine type and model. We ensure thus the perfect fit between the nozzle and the engine, granting a stress free use of the AFC-22 and AFC-23.

afc-22 b

Less downtime

The AFC-22 and AFC-23 cut the cooling down time of an aircraft engine to it’s fraction. Our customers can make huge cost savings and optimize their fleet with the AFC-22 and AFC-23 cooling as a standard maintenance process.

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Engine types

Currently we have adapters available for following jet engine models:
• Rolls-Royce Trent XWB -84
• Rolls-Royce Trent 7000
• Rolls-Royce Trent 1000
• Rolls Royce Trent 800
• CFM International CFM-56-5B
• General Electric CF6-80E
• Leap 1A
• Leap 1B
• IAE V2500
• GE-90 115B
• GEnx

Please contact us for more details.

3D scanner

Our product development and design division uses the latest high-tech tools including 3D scanners and design software to ensure optimal nozzle fit and cooling functionality for each engine type and model.

Contactless measurement

Measurements can be taken during the maintenance slot. Only requirement is to have the engine rear area clear of obstacles. Our 3D laser scanner doesn’t have a physical contact with the engine. Our scanning method provides accurate results. We can trace every detail of the engine exhaust area.


3D laser

Provides an accurate way to create adapters for all engine types. Virtual fitting can be done during the design phase, without actual fitting at the aircraft. This provides us to have shorter delivery time. 3D design enables complex and accurate shapes for any engine type.



Our high end CNC machining enables an accurate end result. Seals are cutted by using a computer guided process.



Voltage 400-480V
Current 16A
Cables 5 x 2.5mm2
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Suction speed 11,3 m/s
Suction power 1,4m2/s 500Pa
Device width 1100 mm / 39 3/8”
Device length 2500 mm / 98 7/16"
Device height 1300 mm / 51 3/16"
Device weight 220 kg / 485,02 lb
Vacuum Adapter diameter 1800 mm / 70 7/8" *
Vacuum Adapter weight 20 kg / 44,09 lb *
Pipe length 6000 mm / 19' 8 1/4"
Pipe inner diameter 400 mm / 15 3/4"

* = RR Trent XWB Adapter


Voltage 360-480V
Current 16A - no max
Cables We will taylormade right cord for every US customer
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Suction speed 11,3 m/s
Suction power 1,4m2/s 500Pa
Device width 1873 mm / 73 47/64”
Device length 4837 mm / 190 7/16"
Device height 1066 mm / 41 31/32"
Device weight 975 kg / 2 149 lb
Vacuum Adapter diameter 1800 mm / 70 7/8" *
Vacuum Adapter weight 20 kg / 44,09 lb *
Pipe length 6000 mm / 19' 8 1/4"
Pipe inner diameter 300 mm / 15 5/8"


FCS Finland Oy
Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21
Auriga Business Center
FI – 20100 Turku, FINLAND
tel. +358 40 7230555


Kimmo Hotanen

CEO, Sales & Customer Care

[email protected]


Pauli Hotanen


[email protected], tel: +358 40 6353807


Gary Zamieroski

Executive advisor
U.S. region, Based in Phoenix

[email protected], tel: +1 (661)210-7639


Lawrence Hume

Regional Sales Manager
Based in San Francisco

[email protected], tel: +1 850 525-1525


Sam Chin

Regional Sales Manager
Southeast & South Pacific, Based in Hong Kong

[email protected], tel: +852 63930817